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The Beauty in Clothing


The article, The Mary Sachs Shop at Harrisburg, Pa. (1948),  descibes how Mary Sachs store was organized and run. (PSA, MG297m4, Box4)


Mary Sachs clothing style is presented in this Christmas Catalogue. (PSA, MG297m4, Box4)

Mary Sachs was quoted, "in presenting, not stylish clothes, but simple, basic, beautiful clothes, clothes which derive their charm from good line and exquisite workmanship," (Congressional Record, 1958). Mary Sachs wanted good quality clothes to make the men, women, and children of Harrisburg look charming. She claimed she never followed the latest fads, rather she tried to dress people in clothes they would feel comfortable going out in. She also tried to make sure the clothes flattered her customers. Therefore, she served shoppers from separate dressing rooms, so it is easier for them to find what looks best on them. For her dress was an art form, and it was an art form that many people appreciated.

Sachs claims, "When our own mastery of mass cutting and sewing is matched by a sympathetic understanding of what is becoming to our women we can perhaps claim recognition for a great contribution to better living," (The Mary Sachs Shop at Harrisburg, PA., 1948). She saw clothes as a way to have a better life. Clothes could make all the difference. If a person dresses nicely and professionally, then they are more likely to respected. In effect, it lifts the whole community of Harrisburg up if many of the citizens look well put together. Her clothing choses brought an air of sophistication to Harrisburg. Thus, turning Harrisburg into a more beautiful and vibrant place to be.