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Generous Giving


This is a newspaper article about how Mary Sachs loves to give what she can, especially to her home of Harrisburg. (PSA, MG297m3, Box 3)


This letter from Ida Louise Polakof states that she wants to contribute to Mary Sachs' campagin so that she can help the less fortunate. (PSA_MG297m3_Box3)

While beauty is often described as a physical thing, like Mary Sachs' store, beauty can also come from within. Mary Sachs was a philanthropist, who spent the better part of her life helping the poor. She made contributions to various institutions including the Harrisburg Academy, Harrisburg Hospital, Jewish Community Center, Y.M.C.A, and more. She wanted bring the people of Harrisburg together. This is seen through her work with the Boy Scouts Community, where she hoped to bring all people of different faiths and races together.

She wanted to give to her fellow citizens of Harrisburg, so that they would have just a little bit more. This, in turn, could have caused a real change to Harrisburg. If everyone is poor and struggling in a city, then there would probably be an increase in crime, especially thief. Therefore, less people would want to go outside and experience all the new parks and building being developed in Harrisburg. However, as people are raised out of poverty and hardships, then the area becomes a little safer. More people are able to freely go outside and enjoy parks without fear.

With all the good work Mary Sachs was doing, it inspired others to want to contribute as well. Many offered to give generous donations to various causes that Mary Sachs helped organized. Sachs inspired others to want to make a difference in the community (A Letter to Miss Sachs). Of those donating, many were Sachs' Jewish friends. With many people banding together to lend a hand, improvement and change was sure to occur. Harrisburg's City Beautiful Movement was more than not just building and objects, but also about people.

Generous Giving