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See a wide view of the Capitol Grounds that would later be across the street from the Mary Sachs' store.

North Third Street.tif
See Mary Sachs store in 1929, two years before it burnt down.

Third Street 1900.tif
The 1901 map shows the building, 208 North Third Street, where Mary Sachs later bought her store.

This is a catalogue of clothing and accessories that Mary Sachs sells.

This advertisement states that accessories help people express their own unique personality.

This advertisement talks about how Mary Sachs clothing gives freedom to women.

The advertisement talkes about how the Mary Sachs store not only changes with fashion but also with architecture.

An advertisement claiming that Mary Sachs helps women to be the best-dressed in Town.

An article written about Sachs' view point on dress.

A picture of a window display in Mary Sachs' store.
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