Paul Beers claims, "Mary Sachs was the city's savviest and most civilized entrepreneur," (2012). Mary Sachs was a humble Jewish woman, who lived in Harrisburg in the 1900s. Sachs has often been noted as one of Harrisburg's greatest philanthropists. She has made great contributions to the Harrisburg academy, Harrisburg Hospital, and the Jewish Community. However, arguably, her greatest successes was owning and running Mary Sachs, Inc. Mary Sachs developed a beautiful clothing store on North Third Street across from Capitol Park. Sachs build her store up from nothing, and even a fire on February 11, 1931, could not stop her from building the store back up. In fact, she made the store even more stunning than the original. Her beauty with architecture was not all Mary Sachs brought to Harrisburg. Her style of clothing also brought a new refreshing type of beauty to the streets of Harrisburg. Clothing and style can really make a difference in the lives of the community, making people feel vibrant and new. This is the type of beauty that the City Beautiful Movement often leaves out of the narrative. However, beauty comes in many forms, not just in new buildings, streets, or parks. Beauty also comes from the people who live there.